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Melté was born from a rich family history of passion for real estate and property management. Starting with our first property in 2016, Midwood in Waterloo ON, our concept was simple: all-inclusive, worry free living. Keeping the notion in mind if that was me, what would I want? It had to be secure, complete in terms of offerings, nice and clean.  Anything we can do to alleviate that pressure, then that is our goal. Specializing in the making it as seamless for you as possible, that is what we strive for.



We are dedicated to catering to your needs with all the convenience for hassle free living. With you in mind, we aim to ensure all your necessities are covered with all-inclusive best in class service.  We treat your home like our home and put our people first.


We Got You ! Hassle-Free, All-Inclusive Living